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校训校徽 学校简介

校训 School Motto

“明德笃志”出自于《四书》、《五经》中的《大学》,“大学之道在明明德,在亲民,在止于至善”。“德”是人生观、世界观、政治观及思想体系的综合。“明德”则是正确的人生观、世界观、政治主张及思想体系的显示,并达到至善。“笃志”是用淳厚专一、全力以赴的态度去追求崇高的志向。概括地说就是要求我们每一个中加学生明辨是非、明白事理,明确对社会、国家、人民应尽的义务与责任。要成为跨世纪的新型人才,必须树立远大的志向和目标,要具有坚韧不拔的毅力和勇气,为实现个人理想和国家的繁荣富强奋斗不息。The school motto “Wisdom, Virtue, Perseverance and Aspiration” originates from The Great Learning listed in The Four Books and The Five Classics, which says“ Great learning lies in clearly understanding wisdom and virtue, keeping close to the people, and pursuing perfection.”Virtue here covers world view, political view, and ideology. Wisdom and virtue are represented in acquiring and seeking their perfection in world view.“Perseverance and aspiration”means to pursue grandeur with undivided attention and dedication. To sum up, the school regulation demands that everyone in BCCSC make a clear distinction between right and wrong, acquire knowledge and make clear their obligation and responsibility to society, the nation, and its people. This, becomes the new-model for the 21st century, we must set up long-ranged aspirations and goals and strive for the prosperity and success of the nation with unceasing perseverance and courage.

校徽 College Badge

校徽以杏黄色方形为衬底,中间以枫叶和长城拼合成的图案构成,象征着中加文化的交融。图案部分为大红色,下面CCSC是中加学校的英文缩写。校徽包括3个U,代表着中外联合的教育模式。The college badge takes the yellow rectangle as the background.The red Maple Leaf and the Great Wall in the middle of the badgerepresents the blending of Chinese and Canadian cultures. CCSC is the abbreviation of the Concord College of Sino-Canada. The badge consists of 3Us, which stand for Chinese Education.