聚焦技术赋能,“智”启新程 —— 加皇集团2022-2023学年中加盟校校长会暨CanGlory 加荣平台培训会议


春意尚寒,暖风渐起。在这草木蔓发、春山可望的美好时节,加皇国际教育集团2022-2023学年中加盟校校长会暨CanGlory 加荣平台培训会议,在深圳(南山)中加学校隆重召开。With the spring still chilly and warm winds gently blowing, 2022-2023 AKD CCSC Principals Meeting and CanGlory Training conference were grandly held in SCCSC.

中加学校集团总校长王本中先生、深圳中加执行董事Joyce Pang,以及来自集团旗下北京、安徽芜湖、合肥、青岛、福州等学校的校长及相关负责人参加了此次会议。集团董事长彭建华博士、加荣平台项目技术负责人Tony Zhang、Jason Dorey、Plato Leung也通过在线视频参加了会议。

Mr. Wang Benzhong, Principals of all CCSC schools under AKD Group and the Executive Director of SCCSC, Joyce Pang, as well as principals and relevant personnel from schools under the group such as those in Beijing, Wuhu, Hefei, Qingdao, and Fuzhou, attended the meeting. The Chairman of the Board, Dr. Peng Jianhua, and the technical directors of the CanGlory platform project, Tony Zhang, Jason Dorey, and Plato Leung, also participated the meeting via online conference room.

本次会议紧紧围绕“聚焦技术赋能,扎实推进CanGlory 加荣平台建设与发展”这一主题展开。

The theme of this meeting was "focusing on technology empowerment and solidly promoting the construction and development of CanGlory platform."


On March 28th at 2 PM, the Chairman of the Board, Dr. Peng Jianhua, gave an enthusiastic speech to kick off the meeting with the theme of "Focusing on Technology Empowerment and Solidly Promoting the Construction and Development of CanGlory Platform." Dr. Peng expressed his gratitude to the administrator teams of all schools for their active exploration and practice of the group's intelligent platform's future development and recent positioning, as well as all the teachers who participated in this project. He emphasized that the gathering at this moment is the best learning opportunity for the latest development direction of the CanGlory platform and the introduction of ChatGPT technology. With a better platform construction, we can improve the level of education and teaching and promote it to a higher level. Finally, Dr. Peng called on everyone to keep up with the pace of the group, comprehensively and vigorously promote the resource construction of the platform, develop and strengthen the CanGlory platform, and create another glory of CCSC education!

01 CanGlory平台从建立到使用的学习分享

首先,是关于ChatGPT的培训学习,加荣Bob Barss先生带来了《释放ChatGPT 4的潜力》专题讲座。他向大家介绍了什么是ChatGPT ,并从ChatGPT 4的好处、ChatGPT 4与学生的互动、ChatGPT 4与评估、ChatGPT 4与协作学习等四方面作了详尽讲解。Bob先生指出,ChatGPT将会成为学习的重要工具,教会师生们如何正确高效使用,使之成为学习的最佳助力,将是接下来努力的方向。

Firstly, Mr. Bob Barss brought a special lecture, "Unleashing the Potential of ChatGPT 4," on training and learning about ChatGPT. He introduced what ChatGPT is and provided a detailed explanation from four aspects: the benefits of ChatGPT 4, interaction between ChatGPT 4 and students, evaluation with ChatGPT 4, and collaborative learning with ChatGPT 4. Mr. Bob Barss pointed out that ChatGPT will become an important tool for learning.

加荣平台技术团队的Jason Dorey在分享中说到,目前,ChatGPT已与加荣平台课程端进行了整合,能为师生的教学和学习带来极大便利。


Jason Dorey from the technical team of CanGlory platform mentioned in the presentation that ChatGPT has been integrated with the CanGlory platform, which provides great convenience for teaching and learning for both teachers and students. Additionally, Jason, Tony, and Plato from the project team demonstrated how to use ChatGPT on the CanGlory platform and its practical applications remotely for everyone.


After Bob's presentation, Mr. Wang Benzhong was inspired and said that with the powerful support of ChatGPT, the CanGlory intelligent platform will surely reach a new level.


The project team of SCCSC CG platform then gave a presentation. Vice principal Leng Jing introduced the practice and thinking of promoting the construction of the CG platform at SCCSC from the aspects of guiding ideology, teaching practice, and administrative promotion. She said that with the deepening of the construction of the learning-oriented classroom, the application of technology empowerment in the classroom has become increasingly widespread. The CanGlory platform has gradually matured from the establishment of a materials database to the accumulation of a test question bank, and to phased feedback testing. Now, CG is at the forefront of technology, introducing ChatGPT functionality, adding more power to the construction of learning-oriented classrooms.

深圳中加李怡副校长详细介绍了加荣教育管理系统Canglory LMS的发展。李校说,深圳中加实施加荣教育管理系统课程与升学指导课程建设与实践,已有三年的时间。随着ChatGPT的到来,加荣平台在学术课程与升学指导中将进入全面人工智能教育教学应用实践的更高发展。

Vice President Li Yi from SCCSC shared in detail the development of the CanGlory LMS education management system. She stated that SCCSC has been implementing and practicing the construction of curricular and college admission guidance courses using the CanGlory LMS for three years. With the arrival of ChatGPT, the platform will enter a higher stage of comprehensive application of artificial intelligence in academic courses and college admission guidance.


Mr. Xu Guanzhong, the head of the teaching practice team at SCCSC CG Platform, gave a promotion presentation on the "Application Experience of CanGlory Platform." He explained the advantages of platform usage with specific examples and demonstrated its application in various subjects and educational values.

02 参加观摩课&教研会,感受CanGlory平台如何助力教学

随后,王本中校长和其他兄弟学校的领导们移步录播厅,观摩了一堂英语课,充分感受深圳中加学习型课堂的特色,及CanGlory 加荣平台在课堂教学中的灵活应用。

Later, President Wang Benzhong and other school leaders observed an English class and fully experienced the characteristics of SCCSC ‘s learning-oriented classroom, as well as the flexible application of the CanGlory platform in classroom teaching.


After the observation class, the leaders participated in the "Education Teaching Golden Ideas Sharing " Seminar, where teachers shared their practices on learning-orientated classroom technology empowerment, group cooperation or positive psychology for homeroom teacher work starting from CG platform teaching practices, and presented some thoughts on teaching in the era of ChatGPT and IT through specific examples.


Finally, Mr. Wang Benzhong made a conclusion speech. He said that "Golden Ideas Sharing" is another milestone of SCCSC teaching and research activities; such form of teaching and research activities is a collision of thinking, and it is also unique. He said excitedly:” I hope everyone will continue to work hard and move forward bravely!”