21st Century Career Expo

The Virtual 21st Century CAREER EXPO

Are you or your child thinking about their future career? 

Then, join China's most comprehensive and innovative 21st Century Career Exploration event for Students and Parents!

Hear the career stories of professionals from Microsoft, the Billboards Music Awards inventor, top Marketing Executives, a Robotics specialist and many more!




Students who attend the virtual event will have the unique opportunity to connect directly connect with future career options, meet and interact with Industry leaders through live streaming. They have access to insightful panel discussions and view the “Job Interview Series.”

We encourage parents and teachers to “send” their students to this event to assist their career exploration!



Students will

?Gain essential 21st Century Employability Skills

?Explore Careers and Jobs

?Investigate what to study at university to gain the skills, experience and knowledge for future careers





?? DATES  

Main Event – Live Sessions;

? May, 7th Interviews with Industry Professionals (Chinese)- Q&A at the end of each interview.  

? May, 8th Interviews with Industry Professionals (English) – Q&A at the end of each interview.

Pre-Recorded Sessions;

? April, 25th Panel discussion – theme “21st Century Skill Sets to be Successful.”

? Job Interview Series Videos – these are high-profile professionals and executives with interesting stories released the week before (dates TBC).


? 5月7日在线采访直播 (中文) – 答疑环节在每一个采访后

? 5月8日在线采访直播 (英文) – 答疑环节在每一个采访后


?4月25日小组讨论- 主题“ 21世纪成功必备技能”

?职业采访系列视频-  被采访者均为各领域中的精英及专业人士

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