外教Victoria分享 | 我在中国的经历和教学观

My experience in China and teaching philosophy. Since childhood, I have always dreamed of working as an English teacher in different countries. Since 17 I was living abroad, at first on my own, and later with my husband. In 2018, after completing my contract at a language center for adults, I decided to come to work in China. After researching for some time, I decided to come to Fuzhou, and has been living here since then. I fell in love with southern vibes of Fuzhou, its ever-green parks and blossoming jasmine trees everywhere, bustling and chaotic street life, beautiful nature of Fujian province, and various delicious foods.


Acculturation process wasn’t smooth for me, I had to get used to hot and humid weather, and learn some basic Chinese to feel comfortable here at maximum. I also needed to learn the cultural differences to be able to behave according to the rules and for local people to feel comfortable with me. And this is why I think that coming to China was a great choice, I learned a lot here, got more mature and open-minded, and I’m very grateful for this life-changing experience.


What about my teaching philosophy, I like this quote from one book on ESL teaching I’ve read recently: “Every child is a genius”. It may sound a bit pretentious, but I think that this is the best approach for a teacher, especially for the one working in primary school. I observe every one of my students attentively to discover their strongest traits. During the course of this year, I have been constantly watching my students gaining more confidence and opening up their potential and leadership qualities.

那我的教学理念呢,我很喜欢最近看的一本关于ESL教学的书中的这句话。"每个孩子都是天才" 这句话听起来可能有点矫情,但我认为这是一个老师最好的方法,尤其是对于在小学工作的老师来说。我用心观察每一个学生,发现他们最强的特点。在这一年的时间里,我不断地观察着我的学生获得更多的自信,开启他们的潜能和领袖气质。

I like to vary tasks and activities in my classroom. If today we are breaking a sweat on writing skills, tomorrow we will be playing some exciting vocabulary games, and the next day we can have an interactive quiz followed by reading, and then do a craft to fix the new knowledge and make it feel more 3D, then the next day we will do a role play to integrate speaking, acting, and laughing.


In my classroom, every minute of a lesson, there is a lot of competition involved. Every class is divided in 2 teams and we compete to see which one is the best at the end of a lesson, collecting the points to see who is the best at the end of the semester. Students get points for everything: good behavior, keeping clean, helping others, and, of course, participation in classwork. Every lesson I make sure that every student participates. I ask a lot of questions, simple — for shy students to grow confidence, and more difficult — to make the whole class think hard. I like to make the lesson feel as dynamic and energetic as possible, for everyone to be relaxed in friendly atmosphere, so that my students will not only be learning diligently in class, but also have a great interest to English language studies in the future.