Xinjia Wu received her professional training from the School of Psychology, Carleton University(BA, Psych.Hons),Canada , and then obtained master degree specializing in applied psychology from the City University of Hong Kong. She is an Associate Member of the American Psychological Association.

Xinjia Wu has served as the AP psychology teacher at FCCSC for 2 years. The purpose of AP Psychology is to introduce students to the studies of behavior and mental processes of humans and animals. I will help Students to have the overview of the study of psychology, focusing on the theories and research methods used in psychological science and practice.

Also, Xinjia Wu built FCCSC Personal Development Center from the ground up. The mission of PDC is to give our students the knowledge. compassion, and support to cope with all everything in between.  
Frank Zhen
拥有双硕士学历。在美国和加拿大生活工作二十年。曾在美国读研期间任教三年教授大学数学。回国后曾担任企业战略主管。之后在北京新东方和上海新东方任教,教授AP数据,AP统计学,SAT数学。之后任教西安铁一中和南宁二中两所省级重点高中教授英国A Level和美囯AP课程和GAC课程,教授科目有A level 数学,AP数学,AP和A Level 物理。在过去五年的教学当中为两所中学向美国和英国大学输送了一批人材,在自己的本职崗位上尽了力孝了功。如今应聘福州中加学校,由王校长亲自出马率一支教师队伍,希望在不久将来,能看到兴喜开放的毕业生花朵,为中加这所名校打造更响更靓的品牌!
Frank Zhen has two master's degrees. He Lived and worked in the United States and Canada for twenty years. He taught univeristy mathematics for three years while attending graduate school in the United States. He served as the head of Enterprise Strategy Department after returning to China. Later, he taught AP data, AP statistics and SAT mathematics in Beijing and Shanghai new Oriental. Later, he taught A-level and AP courses and GAC courses in two provincial key high schools, Xi 'an Railway No. 1 Middle School and Nanning No. 2 Middle School, and taught subjects including A-level mathematics, AP mathematics, AP and A-level physics. In the past five years of teaching, two secondary schools have sent a batch of talents to American and British universities. Now I am teaching in Fuzhou Concord College of Sino-Canada which is led by President Wang. He hopes to see the cheerful and open graduates in the next two or three years, so as to create a louder and more beautiful brand for Fuzhou Concord College of Sino-Canada.

Zeng Minna was graduated from Fujian NormaI University in 2005, and her major was Mathematics and Applied Mathematics. In 2011,she got the MBA degree in Beijing Normal University. She have taught mathematics for over 13 years. Her previous working experience was in Ray International Education Fuzhou branch school, now She is working in  Fuzhou concord college of sino-Canada,and teaching AP mathematics. She have rich teaching experience on mathematics.